Archaeological Research Information System (ARIS): Information and Stratigraphic Register Management

OPEN SCIENCE & THE HUMANITIES CONFERENCE 2018. Barcelona, 21 de juny de 2018

Archaeological Research Information System (ARIS): Information and Stratigraphic Register Management

by Pablo del Fresno Bernal, Esther Travé, and Alfred Mauri

The aim of this poster is to introduce a normalized proposal for managing the information and stratigraphic register arising from the archaeological fieldwork tasks. These files are produced within a scientific framework and are expected to be research information sources. Nevertheless, as a task regulated by the public administration, the archaeological register can also be considered and administrative document.

Therefore, the implementation and use of normalized processes for information management from the very beginning of the archaeological activity –actually before the fieldwork starts– until the submission of final report showing the obtained results and evidencing the compliment of administration requirements is suggested.

Preservation of knowledge is the underpinning goal of every Research Information System (RIS) and accurate registering of files fixing and transferring information is the basic pillar of scientific activity. Our proposal for normalized management is structured according to three main lines developed:

· SigArg: Geo-Spatial Archaeological Information System

· SgdArq: Archaeological File Management System

· NodArq: Archaeological Description Standards

To sum up, the implementation of a tool or an assemblage of computing interconnected tools according to pre-established rules and protocols allows the real instrumental usage of a theoretical proposal of normalization. This configures entirely the Archaeological Information System that we offer to the scientific community.